How to Make Whipped Coffee Without Instant Coffee: A Complete Guide

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Creamy whipped coffee on stylish table

Have you ever craved that frothy coffee sensation but lacked instant coffee in your pantry?

Whipped coffee, also known as Dalgona coffee, has taken social media by storm with its creamy goodness.

Our guide will walk you through crafting this delightful concoction without reaching for instant grounds.

Dive in, and let’s transform your brew into a fluffy treat!

Key Takeaways

  • You can make whipped coffee without instant using strong brewed coffee, sugar, water, and aquafaba for a vegan option.
  • Mix equal parts of coffee, sugar, and hot water before whipping it into a frothy texture with stiff peaks.
  • Customize your whipped coffee with flavored syrups or cocoa powder and different types of milk like almond or oat to find your favorite taste.

Understanding Whipped Coffee

Creamy whipped coffee on stylish table

Whipped coffee is a fluffy, sweet treat you can make in your kitchen.

It’s also called Dalgona coffee and became famous through TikTok videos. This frothy delight starts with three main ingredients: coffee, sugar, and water.

When these mix and get whipped up, they create a light and airy foam. You layer this magic foam over milk to enjoy a special coffee drink.

Even without instant coffee, you can still achieve the creamy texture that makes whipped coffee so loved. Use regular brewed coffee or espresso as a base – it also works well!

The key is to whip it until stiff peaks form, giving that meringue-like top that sits perfectly on cold milk for an indulgent sip.

Whether you use a hand mixer or an electric one does not matter; either will give your muscles a break while turning your brew into something spectacular.

Required Ingredients for Whipped Coffee without Instant Coffee

Ingredients for whipped coffee

You can make whipped coffee without instant coffee.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Strong brewed coffee: Start with your favorite regular coffee. Make it extra strong, as this will be the base for your whipped mixture.
  • Sugar: Choose from white sugar, brown sugar, coconut sugar, or any preferred sweetener. This will help stabilize the foam.
  • Hot water: Just a splash is needed to dissolve the sugar properly before whipping.
  • Aquafaba: This is chickpea water and a great vegan substitute for eggs. It whips up just like egg whites and makes a fluffy base.
  • Milk: Any kind works—oat, soy, or regular cow’s milk. This is what you’ll pour your whipped coffee topping over.
  • Electric mixer or milk frother: You need something to whip your mixture into stiff peaks. A stand mixer, handheld mixer, or even a frother will do the job.

Step-by-Step Guide on Creating Whipped Coffee without Instant Coffee

Making whipped coffee steps

Start by brewing a strong cup of your favorite coffee, then mix it with sugar and hot water before whipping it until it becomes light and fluffy.

For the complete step-by-step guide on creating whipped coffee without instant coffee, read on to elevate your morning caffeine fix.

Brewing the coffee

Brewing the coffee for your whipped coffee recipe is a crucial step.

Pick your favorite ground beans and brew them strong—this will be the base of your drink. You’ll need hot coffee to dissolve the sugar properly, so make sure it’s freshly made.

Pour your brewed coffee into a bowl. Drop in some granulated sugar while the beverage is still warm. Stir vigorously until the sugar fully dissolves.

This sweetened coffee mixture sets the stage for a delicious whipped texture later.

Keep this mixture aside as you prepare to whip up that frothy goodness!

Mixing ingredients

After brewing the coffee, it’s time to mix the ingredients for your whipped coffee creation.

Ensure you have your ground coffee, sugar, and hot water ready. Use a whisk or electric mixer to blend the ingredients until they form a smooth and creamy texture.

Before adding the ground coffee, make sure to dissolve the sugar completely in the hot water.

This step is crucial in achieving that rich and frothy consistency that makes whipped coffee irresistible.

Remember to use equal parts of each ingredient for a perfectly balanced flavor profile.

Whipping the mixture

Once your coffee and sugar mixture is well combined, it’s time to whip it up into a frothy delight.

Using an electric mixer or a milk frother, vigorously whip the mixture until stiff peaks form.

The transformation will be evident as the color turns lighter and the texture becomes thicker and creamier. Keep whipping until you achieve the desired fluffy consistency to top your favorite beverage.

Whipping creates a velvety, smooth texture that enhances the overall experience of your whipped coffee.

This step brings out the full potential of flavors while adding a delightful visual appeal to your creation, making each sip an indulgent treat for all coffee lovers.

Tips and Tricks for Perfect Whipped Coffee

Expert whipped coffee making

Ensure your coffee is freshly brewed and cooled for the best flavor.

Use a 1:1:1 ratio of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water for traditional whipped coffee. Experiment with variations like flavored syrups or cocoa powder to enhance the taste.

Keep an eye on the color and texture while whipping – it should be light and fluffy with stiff peaks.

Play around with different types of milk to create varying textures; almond milk can add a nutty richness, while oat milk creates a smooth creaminess.

Achieving the perfect whipped coffee takes practice, patience, and creativity.

Feel free to experiment with different techniques and ingredients until you find your ideal blend!


Create delicious whipped coffee at home using simple ingredients like ground coffee, sugar, and hot water.

Experiment with alternative versions, such as vegan-friendly options, using aquafaba for a frothy delight.

Elevate your regular coffee routine with whipped coffee’s sweet and creamy twist.

Impress friends and family with your unique take on this popular social media trend, or simply treat yourself to a delightful beverage!


Can I make a whipped coffee without using instant coffee?

Absolutely! While instant coffee is common in recipes like dalgona coffee, you can whip up a delicious beaten coffee with just ground beans and some elbow grease — no instant mix needed.

What’s the secret to a perfect frothy cappuccino at home?

The trick is all in handling the spoon; vigorously whip hot milk until it’s nice and airy for that dreamy froth on your homemade cappuccino. It might take practice, but it’s worth it!

Are there any special drinks I can make without instant coffee?

Sure thing! With some creativity, you can create drinks in your kitchen similar to fancy ones like matcha lattes or frappe coffees.

Can my fridge help me make creamy coffee drinks?

Yes – use that refrigerator! Try mixing cold brew with raw sugar and let it sit overnight to meld flavors or thicken cream by keeping it cold before whipping for an indulgent touch on your morning brew.

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