How Much Coffee to Use in French Press [Discover the Perfect Ratio]

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Have you ever found yourself standing in your kitchen, coffee scoop in hand, pondering the mystery of making that perfect cup of French press coffee? 

You’re not alone. One common struggle for coffee lovers is nailing down the ideal balance between beans and water to achieve a satisfying brew every single time.

Interestingly, experts often mention something called the “Golden Ratio” – a guideline suggesting a standard ratio of 1:15 or 1:12 for those who enjoy their java with more kick. This piece of information could be key to transforming your next cup.

In this guide, we’ll dive into how you can apply this golden rule to make an impeccable plunger coffee and why factors like bean quality and grind size should be noticed.

As you read on, expect clear-cut tips on mastering French press fundamentals, from choosing the right beans to pouring techniques—no fancy jargon, just straightforward steps to elevate your brew.

Ready for that divine sip? Let’s uncover the secrets together!

Key Takeaways
  • Use the Golden Ratio of 1 gram of coffee to 15 grams of water for a balanced brew, or adjust to 1:12 for stronger coffee.
  • Match your coffee amount and grind size with the type of beans and roast level you prefer for the best taste.
  • Weigh coffee and water with a digital scale to get the right amounts whenever making French press coffee.
  • Freshly roasted, coarsely ground beans make the tastiest French press coffee.
  • Clean, good – tasting water is important because it affects your coffee’s flavor.

Understanding the French Press Brewing Method

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The French press coffee maker lets you brew coffee just how you like it. You get to decide the flavor and strength because you pick the coffee, how fine to grind it, and how long to mix it with hot water.

Making a cup of joe with this tool means mixing coarse ground coffee with near-boiling water. The grounds soak in the water for a few minutes, pulling out all the tasty bits.

Once enough time has passed, you push down on a plunger that traps the grounds at the bottom of the pot. This leaves only clean and flavorful liquid above ready for your cup.

Ready to discover how much coffee and water you need? Let’s talk about finding that perfect balance next!

Determining the Perfect Coffee-to-Water Ratio

Coffee-to-Water Ratio in Kitchen

When determining the perfect coffee-to-water ratio for French press brewing, it’s essential to consider the “Golden Ratio” and the factors affecting it.

This will ensure your brew is consistent and delicious every time.

Calculating using the “Golden Ratio”

The Golden Ratio is a simple way to ensure your French press coffee tastes great.

Think of it like a secret recipe. You need 15 grams of water for every gram of coffee you use. This helps you get the perfect balance between strong and weak coffee.

Grab a digital food scale to find out how much coffee and water you need.

Let’s say you want to brew in an eight-cup press pot.

First, take ½ cup or 56 grams of roasted coffee beans and grind them up using a burr grinder for even sizes. Then, pour 840 grams of hot water over these grounds in your French press.

Now wait about four minutes before pressing down the plunger gently—this allows all the rich flavors to swirl together!

Factors affecting the ratio

Finding the perfect coffee-to-water ratio in a French press can make a big difference.

This balance is key to getting that ideal brew every time. Here are factors that affect how much coffee and water you should use:

  • Bean Type: Different beans have unique flavors and strengths. A stronger bean might need less coffee to make a rich cup.
  • Roast Level: Dark roasts often taste stronger than light roasts so you may want fewer dark roast grounds for the same amount of water.
  • Personal Taste: Some like their coffee strong; others prefer it lighter. Start with the standard ratio and then adjust depending on what you enjoy.
  • Freshness of Coffee: Freshly roasted beans can affect the strength of your brew. Older beans may require more grounds to achieve the same taste as fresher beans.
  • Water Quality: Use clean, good tasting water since bad-tasting water means bad-tasting coffee. Water with lots of minerals might also change how your coffee tastes.
  • Grind Size: Using coarse grinds is best for French presses. If you grind too fine, your coffee can become bitter or over-extracted.

The Role of Bean Quality and Grind Size

Burr Grinder in Modern Kitchen

Good-quality beans are essential for a flavorful brew.

The grind size affects the rate of extraction and overall flavor:

Coarser grinds result in a slower extraction process, leading to a lighter-bodied brew.

Finer grinds lead to quicker extraction, producing a fuller-bodied coffee with more intense flavors.


In conclusion, determining the perfect coffee-to-water ratio for French press brewing is essential for a delicious cup of coffee. Remember to use freshly roasted beans and grind them just before brewing.

Stick to the recommended 1:15 or 1:12 coffee-to-water ratio and consider the bean quality and grind size. By following these steps, you can enjoy a flavorful, full-bodied brew every time with your French press.


How do I make coffee with a French press?

First, measure your coffee grounds and water. Then, put the grounds in the bottom of the brewer. Pour hot water over them, stir, place the lid on top with the plunger pulled up, wait a few minutes, then slowly push the plunger down.

What’s a good coffee-to-water ratio for brewing in a French press?

A typical starting point is to use 1 gram of coffee for every 15-17 milliliters of water. You can change this to fit how strong you like your coffee.

Why should I use a burr grinder instead of a blade grinder for my coffee beans?

Burr grinders give you more evenly sized coffee grounds which is essential for French press brewing so that all parts extract at the same rate. Blade grinders often chop unevenly, leaving some bits too big and others too small.

Can I make espresso in my French press?

No, espresso needs particular pressure to brew correctly, which you don’t get in a French press; it’s made just for brewing regular coffee by soaking the grounds in hot water.

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